As a special education teacher and a school board member, Meg understands how vital education is to the success of our communities. Meg’s plan for education in Illinois is to:


No one should be denied access to quality, affordable healthcare due to a preexisting condition, and no one should be priced out of life-saving medication due to corporate greed. In Springfield, Meg will take on special interests to expand healthcare coverage in rural areas and stop Pharmacy Benefit Managers from price-gouging our senior citizens’ prescription medication.

Lowering Property Taxes

Illinois’s high property taxes are forcing residents to leave the state and making it harder for small businesses to spread their roots. Meg wants to take the burden of property taxes off the backs of working families by making sure the state pays its fair share in education funding and by providing tax incentives for small businesses to encourage them to continue operating in our state.

Fighting Corruption

Meg believes that elected officials should be taking the concerns of their district to Springfield—not the other way around. When elected, Meg will always hold town halls open to the public. She will always listen to voters, she will always remain accessible to her constituents, and she will always be true to her roots in the district. Meg will also fight the culture of corruption in Springfield by pushing for legislation to allow voters to recall corrupt officials and impose term limits on legislative leadership positions. Teachers like Meg are held to the highest ethical standards in the classroom- in Springfield, Meg will fight for transparency and accountability to ensure that lawmakers are held to that same high standard. 

Protecting Pensions

Since Meg and her husband started teaching, they have paid into Illinois’s pension system. A pension is a promise, and Meg knows how important that promise is to working families like hers. When Meg goes to Springfield, she’ll make sure lawmakers keep their promises to seniors and hard-working Illinoisians and never vote to cut the pensions they have rightfully earned.